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vein problems

Vein problems: from poor blood circulation to brain hemorrhage

The following are the most common problems in relation to blood circulation we deal with at our practice: poor circulation causing feet and hands to glow or feel cold, numb or painful all year round, chronic venous insufficiency/venous disease of the legs, and typical vein disorders such as phlebitis, haemorrhoids, varicose veins and accompanying pungent pain and/or sense of heaviness or cramps in the legs.

Of course we also often treat people whose brain functions have been damaged by flaws in the blood flow. People who suffered from thrombosis, embolism or brain hemorrhage come to see us when further progress or recovery of damaged body functions ( speech, motor skills, memory, mobility, etc... ) is deemed impossible by classical medicine.

When people already suffered from brain infarction or brain hemorrhage, our therapy can prevent this from happening a second time. However we would like to point out here as well that chronic stress and/or chronic worrying should be avoided at all cost, if not the energy we provide will be quite useless. How come? Negative energy ( destructive nature of emotional blockages ) always beats positive energy ( constructive or stimulating to the body ). In other words, it is quicker to destroy something than build something up. Though there is usually some kind of ‘technical defect’ causing a stroke or brain hemorrhage, people still confess they have always known never getting peace of mind brings an extra strain and risk.


Practical experience: We recall Albert, age 52, who wanted to make more medical progress, especially in terms of motor abilities, after suffering from two brain hemorrhages and despite a pretty favourable classic convalescence. Here is a remarkable comment he made during his first visit: " I can blame myself for these two hemorrhages, ( being self-employed ) I would come out off bed at night to jot things down and my body often signalled I was crossing the line. " After his first hemorrhage he naively thought to himself ( so he told us ) : " I came out alright, without paralysis, so the worst is over, I can go back to work. " Work-wise pressure soon mounted as before. Following the second hemorrhage he could not continue in his job due to paralysis on his left side but the enormous stress level ( caused by the recent financial problems ) remained. His head always had an unnatural glow and only after about ten minutes of our treatment the temperature would go down to a normal level.
Besides our weekly effort ( first thoroughly removing any stress from the aura to then let the energy flow through his head, back, arm and leg ) and despite our understanding for the difficult situation he was in, we did keep on warning him of the dangers of his non-stop worrying ( about his health, his family’s future, his wife’s sickness… ). When the head has suffered from a brain hemorrhage twice, it can no longer stand any form of extra pressure because of the occurred brain damage. One night he suffered from a third hemorrhage and died in hospital. Later his wife told us Albert had said: " At Vreysen they always nag about my stress but actually they have a point. " It is the sort of wake up call that comes too late.


We find that people who have suffered from a stroke and who are confronted with light or severe paralysis are ( understandable so ) subject to moods of despondency, discontentment or frustration. It doesn’t matter whether or not WE understand how difficult it must be for them. It's the energy laws that are extremely tough: " thoughts have energetic power " so anyone who curses ( parts of ) the body ( as in Albert’s case he used to say " my stupid leg won’t cooperate " ) immediately creates tension in those places in the aura ( cfr. page " Emotional stress and blockages " on this site). How can the body physically progress if this stress blocks the energy flow and spreads ( even carves its way ) from the aura throughout the physical body? Without this negative energy the healing energy we provide can benefit these people’s health a great deal more.


The energy we pass onto the damaged body can contribute very much to the convalescence process after a brain disorder, but it will be defeated by the destructive impact of chronic stress, chronic frustration, chronic fear, chronic sorrow, etc. We often tell people: " Of course we understand you have huge problems but please understand your body cannot cope with all this stress. " The sick or recovering body already has such a hard time fulfilling all physical functions you shouldn't torment it additionally with extremely dangerous overloading caused by worry or heartache or by a sense of " my body has become my enemy. "


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