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Request to the medical world

Which hospital or scientific institute is willing to submit Pierre Vreysen’s healing gift to scientific research? Who has kept an open mind with regard to vibrational therapies and does not start from the following dogma:

" Why should a scientist take time to examine a phenomenon which he " knows " does not exist? "

( SKEPP * member Etienne Vermeersch in his article “ Scientific a priori versus the paranormal ”, taken from " Van Antigone tot Dolly " ) * Belgian Association for Skeptical Enquiry of Pseudo-science and the Paranormal )

Is this attitude not a sharp contrast to the following quote from Henri Poincaré ( French mathematician ):


" Thinking must never submit itself, neither to a dogma, nor to a party, nor to a passion, nor to an interest, nor to a preconceived idea, nor to whatever it may be, if not to facts themselves, because, for it, to submit would be to cease to be." 

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