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We treat patients for pain relief and chronic diseases such as CFS ( Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ) and Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis ( MS ), Mucovicidosis, heart disorders, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, diabetes, brain disorders, incontinence, prolapsed uterus, fertility problems, etc. Additionally we also treat disturbance of equilibrium, disturbance of blood flow, hormone imbalance, digestive disorders, joint problems, energy and immune disorders and metabolic disorders. Our therapy is referred to as alternative, but is actually complementary, i.e. it remains essential that our patients seek advise from classical doctors as well. There is, however, a great deal of prejudice regarding the treatment healers provide, and this is to a large extent due to the reluctance of the majority of people to take a profound and objective interest in this nonetheless fascinating therapy. In addition, a lot of people are convinced they master this gift of healing themselves, though they hardly accomplish any positive medical result. Furthermore, some therapists find themselves or their earnings more important than genuinely working with their healing gift. All this results in people generalizing their negative experience with less professional or less competent healers right across all therapists.


A small rectification: some preconceptions


1. We don’t keep people away from their physicians, contrary to what is often assumed.


“ You’ll have to learn to live with it ”, is a verdict patients hear from their physicians or specialists, before they turn to us for the first time. When they eventually come to us, they have already endured a long period of agony and have no more time or patience left to wait for lasting results. This is very understandable but highly unrealistic. The human body cannot – after long years of health problems – be expected to heal ( itself ) immediately. When other therapists have not been able to provide a solution, it is obvious that our therapy requires patience just the same. Most people turn to traditional medicine and straight away, followed ( or complemented ) by the best known alternative therapies, before they even venture to try the outsider of alternative therapies: " the laying on of hands ". The saying “ unknown, unloved ” really applies here. For most Belgians our gift remains one big mystery, or rather an unintelligible puzzle some have to – willing or unwillingly – come to terms with. Initially most people don’t believe in our knowledge, skills and many years of experience, but they are willing to give us the benefit of the doubt because they do not want to give in to chronic ailments, chronic pain or chronic disorders any longer.
But why not go deeper into this ancient therapy ( see list of fascinating books on the Dutch site ) which is applied and scientifically researched worldwide? And why wait until one’s health is completely out of sync before calling on us and expecting an instant miracle. We usually tell impatient people: “ For miracles you have to go to Lourdes ” ( although we do believe in the Lourdes miracles 100% ).
Of course any decent healer will refer patients to a physician should a traditional treatment be necessary. All over Europe and in the United States conventional and alternative therapists collaborate. Why not in Belgium?


2. We don’t persuade people with pep talk or extra attention in order to gain confidence in our therapy. Results obtained by us are scientifically researchable and measurable. We still welcome objective research on this subject…

So many times patients tell us their physician or specialist is surprised to see – despite an unfavourable prognosis – an unaccountable ( considerable ) improvement in their health. When the patients inform them about the contribution of our therapy, very few physicians react positively to this. This is something we will never be able to understand. First they widely applaud the unexpected and lasting results to then react bitterly and viciously once they find out the effects where obtained by an alternative therapy. The patients feel better and the physician is satisfied. Or not? Surely this causes initial hesitation to inform their physician they are receiving complementary therapy from us. Sceptical scientists would rather believe the number of cases of ‘ spontaneous healing ’ is increasing miraculously than to accept the fact that healing energy procures something which falls outside the borders of their scientific framework ( read: dogmas ).
As far as ‘ persuading people ’: when we are dealing with purely physical ailments ( and there is hardly any tension in someone’s aura ), we don’t even have to talk to patients while treating them, although it makes work more pleasant if we do. In fact, we are nothing more than a channel: the energy does all the work. Still, truth is, the last couple of years more and more youngsters and adults get ( chronically ) depressed. Therefore, it is crucial to make these people aware of their inner conflicts and teach them how to deal with stress and emotional tension by talking to them, coinciding with the energy treatment itself.

Footnote: When we are treating seriously ill babies or small and large animals ( due to lack of time, animals miss out – which we regret as dogs and horses are very " grateful " patients ) they do not even give you, as therapist, the benefit of the doubt. Children and animals do not think about the effect of our therapy either, they do not ponder over the question: does it work or not? They are somehow more critical than the most sceptical adult. There is no in-between for children and animals: if it feels good, a healer gets the green light. If it doesn’t feel good, they will not even let a healer near. Adults have somewhat forsaken to let their intuition ( higher knowlegde ) speak… Furthermore, most people do not get informed about the work we do ( something their intellect would urge them to do in other instances ) and consequently they judge not knowing. This no longer reflects a critical or sceptical attitude, these are wild preconceptions taken and passed on as true. It is a pity.


3. Another misconception is the conviction that those who believe in our therapy most, also obtain the best results ( placebo effect ).

Experience has proven the contrary more than once. However strong someone’s prejudice may be, sometimes those reluctant, negative minded people will obtain surprisingly fast results. Indeed, strange but true: despite their negative outlook, their health improves surprisingly fast, although they initially attribute it to any factor they can think of. Most people do not come to us out of conviction or trust, even less so out of naivety: they only give us the benefit of the doubt out of pure necessity. It is also wrong to say that ( assuming a smart and condescending tone of people who do not experience their lack of objective information and ignorance regarding our healing work as a hindrance ) especially the " lower social rank " or " the uneducated " visit our practice. Research in the UK – the country has always been an important pioneer in this field, looking at the large number of physicians who constantly expand their conventional therapy and knowledge with alternative perceptions – has demonstrated the opposite is true: British citizens who have enjoyed higher education, seek refuge in alternative treatment ever sooner and more frequently. This is understandable: people prefer – right from the start of certain symptoms – to try out ‘softer’ treatments first to then, should a more drastic treatment or medical surgery be required, turn to traditional medicine.
In our practice we treat people from all ‘walks of life’, but since day 1 patients with a higher degree have benefited from our therapy ( you don’t have to understand intellectually to feel and experience the healing and most often warm-glowing effect of the energy ): mathematicians, engineers, psychologists, pharmacists, physician’s wives, physiotherapists, managers, … none of them are – at the start of the treatment – more or less susceptive to our work than others.


4. Another rooted conception: presumably we use hypnosis techniques or power of suggestion to cure symptoms, or even to make pain ‘ vanish ’ temporarily.

No, not at all, we try to tackle the cause of the disease resulting in discomfort, disturbance and pain. Our therapy usually requires too much time and patience to be talking about a magical therapy or ‘miracle’… at least if one defines a miracle as ‘ an instant and unexplainable healing ’. E.g. a malfunctioning liver, has to be stimulated with energy for a few months at least before migraine symptoms and/or the itching that sometimes occurs when the liver doesn’t function properly decrease or disappear.



The aura as energy field

Everything on earth has an aura: man, animal, plant, even Mother Earth. The aura ( = spiritual or emotional body ) of human beings surrounds the physical body as a vibrating energy field, and is its copy. Our ability of clairsentience ( an ever developing sense of feeling ) allows us to feel someone’s aura with our hands. This ‘ radiation field ’ of humans provides us all information with regard to not just physical but also psychological and/or emotional disturbance and obstructions. The effect of our healing energy on someone’s aura or body can help the organism to gradually start functioning properly. Sometimes, however, the aura needs to be cleared of emotional blockages, before the physical body can absorb and process the positive energy a healer gives.


Everything exists of energy: radiation, vibration and waves.

" The progress of science is inhibited by imbuing young minds with an incorrect idea of the nature of reality, and the pernicious philosophical idea that man is made of classically conceived matter is not exposed as being incompatible with the empirical facts. " ( Quantum physicist Henri Stapp)


“ I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud. ” ( C.G. Jung )


The cosmos is filled with energy: everything on earth is steeped with radiation, vibration and waves. Everything is constantly evolving; energy fields exchange energy and information. Everything a human being feels, thinks, says or does has its own energy and therefore influences energy fields of people and places around us. Surely every one of us spontaneously experiences the positive or negative energy of others, buildings or places.
What is now being called a paranormal gift is actually an ancient but long forgotten natural ability to handle cosmic energy. Converting cosmic energy into healing energy ( we can't explain how we do this as a healer does this spontaneously ) is what we as well as healers all over the world do. To most people the energy we channel feels like some intense warmth, which – unlike warmth through physical contact – sometimes lingers intensely in the treated organs and tissues for hours on end.
The weekly treatments gradually improve someone’s health, resulting in less chronic discomfort and less pain.



A radiant aura and a healthy body

“ Reconciled with nature and aware they are part of it, people of the third millennium probably feel the need to reconcile with themselves again. Inevitably they will wonder why they should seek refuge in progress, in ever growing technology, production and consumption. They would feel an irresistible urge to love, to laugh, and to dance. Simply because they would remember that creating balance and coherence of body and mind is the best way to sustain their own health and the planet they live on.”  ( taken from " La solution intérieure : Vers une nouvelle médecine du corps et de l'esprit " ( the English translation " The Solution Lies Within " will be out in June 2010 ) by the Belgian surgeon and physiotherapist Thierry Janssen )


Someone who has been feeling poorly for years and is full of daily tension seldom achieves positive medical results and will not benefit from our therapy either, in the purely physical sense that is to say. In particular these are people who have tried an array of treatments but who put sole responsibility for their health and wellbeing with the physician or alternative therapist. They consider their health to be an isolated problem and purely material entity. However, it is not because the physical body consists of material substance that it acts completely independently of the mind. A positive mind most definitely contributes to a person’s good health. Everyone should work towards an emotional balance since a beautiful aura and strong physical health go hand in hand. People tend to forget or refuse to believe for instance that our organs are not resistant to a non-stop pessimistic or negative vision of life. The ancient ideas of Asian medicine confirm this theory: " The body feels what the mind thinks ". Kidneys are the headquarters of our emotions and anxiety, the heart is the headquarters of our ( love ) feelings, and the liver is the nerve centre of fears and worries.

Still, sometimes we meet people with serious diseases or disabilities who have a beautifully radiant aura. Those are the very few who do not let their good spirit be tainted by their poor health. When the aura is free of accumulated emotional clutter, our energy can focus entirely on stimulating the physical ( expressed by better health ) and emotional body ( results in uplifted spirit ) of the patient. Nonetheless patience is required from both the patient as from us before the chronic pain diminishes or before a long-lasting illness can be slowed down or stopped altogether. This is important to remember, knowing most people have been ill for years before they find their way to our practice.

" In disease, most of us only see the danger - the danger of suffering, maybe even the danger of death. Suppose instead that you also see it as an opportunity to probe deeper into yourself, into your supramental domain of consciousness." (... ) Wouldn't it be nice if we went from our excessive preoccupation with disease to a preoccupation with health? If we learned to look at the glass as half-full instead of half-empty? For one thing, this would contribute to eradicating the fear of death that drives our preoccupation with illness. " ( Amit Goswami in " The Quantum Doctor: A Physicist's Guide to Health and Healing " )


Not a miracle cure, but wonderful results

We are no miracle workers, but most of the time we achieve beautiful and wonderful results ( small miracles ). The fact that we as healers are able and privileged to work with healing energies is a fascinating and ever developing learning process to us, as well as an extraordinary source of satisfaction. It is no pretend modesty when we state we are nothing more than a channel guiding these cosmic and healing energies. The more genuine and the higher vitality and dedication a healer puts in his work, the stronger the healing powers become. What’s more, any individual who learns to block his lower ego and opens up purely and willingly to the profusion of cosmic energies receives artistic or musical inspiration, scientific insight, spiritual wisdom, or… healing energy. Of course, as in any skill such as a ( higher ) gift or ( higher ) art there are levels created by the experience one gathered in previous lives.
“ Each individual is a creator ”
Sonia Hoste channel Asait ) and draws - as we do in our work - from the everlasting source. What we call ‘ healing power ’, ‘ gained wisdom ’, ‘ inspiration ’ and ‘ intuition ’ rarely comes from ones own mind or ability, but flows from this Source, a gigantic cosmic energy tank. Great artists, philosophers and scientists realise this and are therefore usually very humble.
Of course we are proud of our healing gift and the results we achieve, but we recognise the difference between the Source ( from which the energy flows ) and the channel we form. We are merely guiding the energy. Still, sometimes our hands are tied when despite all our and also the patients' efforts their health deteriorates. The negative spiral someone’s health can fall into – e.g. with cancer ( when it has spread ) – cannot always be stopped by our energy. Even though we are aware of the enormous power healing energies have, and despite our growing understanding of health and the connection between body and mind, our limitations as therapist help us keep both feet on the ground.

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