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Multiple sclerosis ( MS )

MS or Multiple Sclerosis

First a little ( traditional ) explanation: " Pathologically, it is an auto-immune disease where antibodies are made against the myelin sheath that surrounds the axon which then becomes inflamed and then hardened into a substance called plaque. This destroys the ability for information to flow down that particular axon with the consequence that there is sensory and/or motor loss. As recurrence and remission are so unpredictable in this disease, it's hard for any therapy to claim success and all we can hope is to reduce the symptoms." ( Dr. Christine R. Page in her book " Frontiers of Health: From Healing to Wholeness " )


Despite our sympathy for this British physician and the role she has played in getting complementary medicine more generally applied in British health care, we only partly agree with her statement: " it's hard for any therapy to claim success and all we can hope is to reduce the symptoms ".

At our practice we have worked with several MS patients over a longer period, being more or less successful. Have we ever been able to cure someone? NO, our therapy cannot cure MS either. Do we practise symptom treatment? NO, we achieve a lot more, most patients we treat are able to - at least - partially or fully keep the motor abilities they still have at that moment.
Our therapy also reduces chances of paralysis, incontinence, loss of sensation, loss of sight, speech disorder, uncontrolled motion, … In some cases they even regain much of the weakened abilities. In less fortunate cases there will be no improvement, but it won’t get worse and we are able to halt the negative spiral ( use of a wheelchair can be prevented or postponed for a very long time or for ever ). We can however not generalize our findings, as this disease comes in so many different forms in all kinds of people. If the patient’s body accepts the energy, we know this energy will help, though the end result remains unpredictable with this kind of disease.


Up to now we have achieved substantial to very good results but have so far accomplished one major success. 


Practical experience: Geertrui was 32 when she first came to see us. Her condition at the time: she always moved around in a wheelchair as walking had become too much of an effort. What did we achieve by treating her weekly for several years? One can barely see she suffers from MS ( despite the traditional diagnosis confirmed in writing by a specialist ). She used to drag her leg heavily, and now only limps slightly. It took us a long time to get her to this level, but the result is phenomenal: the specialist doesn’t understand it, Geertrui is no longer dead tired, her incontinence is decreasing ever more, she can take the children swimming, she cycles, she rides the back of her husband’s motorbike, … And along the years she has also learned to generally act with more self-esteem and shake off the impertinent looks or comments from others. As she summarizes her story: " The neighbours used to give me looks of pity or curiosity, and now they are just amazed when I ride past on my bicycle. "


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