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menstruation and fertility problems

Menstruation - Fertility problems

Month after month and often for a number of years a lot of women struggle with their menstruation before they come to our practice. They benefit insufficiently from the gynaecologist’s approach and refuse to accept hormonal treatment or have found no progress after months or years of hormone therapy. What some women call their " monthly curse " can easily be improved to even completely cured with our vibrational therapy and one does not have to learn to accept the physician’s diagnosis:

" you will have to learn to live with it. "


Practical experience: Our therapy can considerably improve premenstrual syndrome, painful menstruations, irregular or too much loss of blood, hormonal imbalance and fatigue, headache and irritability during the menstrual cycle. Obviously the results will not be as good with e.g. serious uterine fibroids or endometriosis or insufficient production of eggs by the ovaries ( and this is not necessarily related to the woman’s age ) … Why results that are not as good? As with all ailments and thus also with chronic female problems or serious fertility problems, prevention is better than cure. It’s a pity that a lot of women only come to us after years of struggling with gynaecological problems ( often accompanied by years of disturbed female energy resulting in blockages … direct culprits for the health problems these women are facing ). Those who study healing energies will learn that this energy has far better results when it is applied before these gynaecological disorders grow into something far worse.


How does a young woman know if she has gynaecological problems lurking? Simple, the human and especially female body is easy to read… to those who make a little effort. No physicians can better learn to interpret and understand the signals a woman’s body sends than the woman in question. A woman who pays attention to her body immediately KNOWS when worrisome disturbances occur with regard to her health. Women should not put up with any gynaecological disorder " because these are common female conditions ". For centuries, girls and women have believed this because hardly any therapy offers some form of improvement as far as women’s problems go, and consequently a lot of therapists come to this wrong conclusion: women have to learn to live with it. Menstruation doesn’t have to be painful or a woman should not be bed-ridden because of it; women should not experience menstruation as a monthly returning curse. Our therapy contributes in the sense that the energy we pass on to the body helps restore the natural flow inside the woman’s body.


Note: After classical treatment from a physician or gynaecologist ( and maybe even surgery in case of uterine fibroids, endometriosis, or blocked ovaries ), our complementary treatment can help prevent or postpone new complaints forming. Though not all attain the desired end result, the majority of women we treat confirms that our weekly treatments make them feel a lot better, more active, and decrease their complaints ( of irregular bleeding, being bedridden, monthly irritability or moodiness, feeling bloated, … ).


Women who are involuntarily childless, can only be helped by us if it concerns decreased fertility ( e.g. ovulation problems or problems with the implantation of the ovum in the uterus, too low energy in the kidneys ( i.e. connection kidneys and fertility, …). Of course, women who cannot become pregnant in the traditional way – e.g. because of completely blocked ovaries or ovary deformities – will not be able to become pregnant with our therapy either. Failing ovaries can be corrected by surgery. However, our therapy can prevent ovaries from becoming blocked in the first place, or from blockage to recur because of scar tissue or a deformity. As mentioned elsewhere on this site, the energy we pass on does not work supernatural miracles. A natural therapy like ours can lend nature many a hand but can in no way force nature. When defects or disease irreversibly affect the uterine wall or ovaries, the body is no longer able to sustain a pregnancy.


Pregnancy wish?

We are always overjoyed to help couples realise their dream of having children, especially since they have often tried for years to have a baby. There are, however, women who for the first time in their lives have less monthly complaints thanks to our therapy but for whom the energy is not strong enough to make pregnancy possible or see it through. The energy can also be a great support for women going through in-vitro fertilization ( IVF ), which is very demanding on the female body. Our weekly therapy not only gives these women the necessary physical and mental support, but also emotional support while going through this traditional fertility treatment. Women clearly feel less subject to mood swings caused by the heavy hormone treatment, which usually takes months. Still, we find that some women – despite the various classical and also complementary treatments – are not able to make their dream come true. A gynaecologist once strikingly said: " despite our technological expertise we often have to reconcile ourselves to the intelligence and laws of nature ". We can only endorse that natural therapies have to reconcile themselves too… to the intelligence of nature. Fortunately.


We also treat women who suffer from typical pregnancy problems: constant morning sickness, fatigue, constipation, back problems, painful varicose veins, haemorrhoids, digestive problems, …




Women should not give into problems related to menopause either. Our therapy can also decrease typical symptoms of menopause: hot flashes, fatigue, insomnia, mood swings, dry vagina, incontinence, osteoporosis, prolapsed uterus or bladder, …Women should not resign to “ it’s my age ”, because our therapy can ensure and prolong an aging woman’s vitality by a number of years. A miracle? No, the energy stimulates the body to function how it should. 

( Onto a completely different subject, though related: ) Same goes for menopause in aging men: we successfully treat aging problems such as lack of vitality; the energy can make sure prostate surgery can be prevented; also the incontinence problem occurring after prostate surgery can be diminished or cured, …

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