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emotional stress and blockages

Use your brains!

 How do emotional blockages in the aura arise?


" Thus emotional intelligence is an essential ingredient of good health maintenance and disease control. (.....) Whereas mental intelligence tends to lead us to a mentalization and mental creation of emotion, emotional intelligence helps us get rid of some of the evils of mentalization and mental creation of emotions. " ( Amit Goswami in " The Quantum Doctor: A Physicist's Guide to Health and Healing " )

Emotional blockages in the aura arise because a person experiences tension between what opinion the heart and mind form over a certain matter of life. As a child most people are told: " when are you going to start using your brain! " We have learned both at home and in school to listen to reason also in matters of the heart, as this ‘ feels ’ reliable and safe. We have been encouraged to and learned how to develop our brain, but precisely one’s feelings is what most people struggle with all their life. Straightening out matters of the heart, remains a tough task to a lot of people and is often still taboo. We still don’t know ( or rather feel ) how to obtain a better harmony in our sometimes very complex emotional life and everyday problems. Very often we let our head rule over our heart, and these two keep clashing.


In which situations do we build emotional obstructions?


We often find ourselves, for instance, not able to say NO ( not the heart but reason instructs us to give in to others ) so as not to hurt people ( " otherwise what will they think or say about us " ). But deep down we are left immensely frustrated ( and we do not even dare to show these emotions ) by most of these people around us, and also by our own lack of honesty or courage. People struggle even more when they find people around them do not mind (ab)using their lack of assertiveness: “Just ask her, she won’t say no anyway…”. This situation creates so many emotional blockages that not only harm our good spirit and affect our aura, but also cause disturbance, obstructions and ailments in the physical body.


Lifestyle magazines and books about spirituality dictate this positive thinking. Why are we talking about dictating here? As such it is of course valuable and even crucial that our thoughts are as positive as possible. If however these thoughts flatly contradict the way we really feel deep down, we are actually fooling ourselves ( even without being aware ) and this creates tension on its own. Self-suggestion ( convincing yourself: I’m feeling good ) should not flatly oppose someone’s actual inner feelings ( I’m not feeling good at all but I wish I were ) because this way it is nothing more than a task or impulse coming from reason, missing every lasting positive result.


Furthermore we have hardly or not at all learned both at home and in school to deal with all our annoying or even nasty ' faults ' . Most of us even choose to hide or cover these less charming features to others or even ourselves all our lives. Again tension builds… On the other hand we are – to make society life bearable – being encouraged or rather conditioned and disciplined to improve our lower ego. The fact that we have to show our good side and good will creates blockages inside ourselves and in our relationship with others, as these are usually norms imposed on us. When we ( have to ) master all these rules, laws and especially moral and religious principles ( e.g. ten commandments ) or virtues, we don’t always do so from the heart. We find ourselves always performing to the best of our abilities, and for some this translates into a life of constantly keeping up appearances. This is quite different from developing ourselves in a positive and conscious way ( out of inner conviction ). It is striking how the latter approach leads to more unity and tolerance between people ( the awareness that we all live and strive together on the path of evolution ) and it seldom or never creates blockages in the aura. Less conflict inside ourselves automatically means less conflict with those around us.


Even more difficult than dealing with our less positive character features consciously, is ( learning ) to love oneself. That is a real challenge, one most people struggle with and that causes stress their life long. For many this feels like – and here we are conditioned once more – ego-tripping, narcissism and egoism. Others presume self-love implies we ( and others too ) have to accept ourselves as we are ( " This is the way I am " ). Loving yourself however should never be confused with being too concessive towards your own weaker SELF ( " I cannot help it, it is out of my hands " ) but should clearly not be confused with selfishness or complacency ( " I’m happy with the way I am – or even more, compared to others " ). Being truly and purely self-confident and self-loving has nothing to do whatsoever with either attitude. Even though most of us hardly ever or never really learned how to, it remains an essential fact of life: " I am and feel important and I want to feel good " . How else can a relationship be harmonious if we do not learn to love and live in harmony with ourselves first ? Obviously this philosophy and mantra of feel good also applies to all those crossing our path.

Despite the fact that individual freedom and development in Western society have never been so prominent, it is true that more and more ( new ) men and ever more ‘ultramodern’ women find it difficult – in their relation with each other – to experience and express their most inner feelings. Whether it stems from believing in the superiority of reason ( searching something stable ) or from the fear of exposing oneself… lots of people put a lock on their heart, consciously or not, and in doing so they instigate the same effect with loved ones or those around them. Consequently the heart increasingly becomes a hideaway for feelings that should not be experienced, exposed or shared. Many strong feelings are - however - very headstrong and are not easily suppressed or do not vanish though instructed to by the voice of the ego-personality: the brain. They tend to submerge and, metaphorically speaking, form underground resistance groups. And the emotional outburst(s) does not ( do not ) stay off for too long. There is an immensely great connection for instance between prolonged suppressed sorrow, impotence, frustration, an all consuming feeling of guilt or emptiness or inferiority on the one hand, and ( eventually physically noticeable ) heartache on the other hand. It is only a matter of time before the heart ( which is more than merely a pump, but also a centre of feelings ( of love )) begins to suffer from this. Physical and emotional balance in our body is only achieved if our reason and emotion succeed in co-existing in some kind of harmony. Reason is not superior to emotion: life daily gives us exercises in accomplishing this balance.


Besides, not just individually but also collectively more than 20 centuries of - what we call civilization - history have shown that humanity keeps stumbling ( and fighting ) over what we call primitive emotions and impulses: fear, pride, greed, rivalry, selfishness, avarice, jealousy, dissension and most of all… power ( over nature and man ). Daily news bulletins demonstrate that tension between neighbouring countries and communities within the same country can mount extremely high. The lesser emotions and impulses don’t just disappear here either by covering them with a civilized layer of laws and regulations ( do civilized people not act within reason all the time? ). More than enough confronting stories and books have been written

e.g. " Lord of the Flies " by William Golding, Nobel Prize Literature) about what happens in times of crisis when this ' civilized ' layer is being peeled off. The true nature of people and nations emerges and there is nothing that can stop this. Worldwide there are however spiritual groups, like the Tibetans and the Dalai Lama, who despite 50 long years of oppression, deprivation, humiliation, incarceration and torture by the Chinese government, as a population keep adopting a generous, warm-hearted, and above all inspiring attitude… 

To keep working on oneself is a must for everyone who wants to develop beautiful and strong character and personality features. Tibetan Buddhists did not get this higher spirit-state for free: for generations they have been – though not dogmatically – taught and it has become their natural desire and goal to find inner peace. Therefore they have such a beautiful aura. And love and compassion towards others…


Practical experience: In our practice we teach people how to get a different outlook on the sometimes confusing, sometimes painful, contradictory, incomprehensible, and the many suppressed and undigested feelings and emotions they experience during their lifetime. Obstructions in the aura arise when emotion and reason are in conflict in all sorts of matters ( especially of the heart ). Also those who have low self-esteem or who are too generous – this is usually experienced as a restriction rather than a virtue – usually only learned how to stick up for themselves in theory. A lot more people than one would think suffer from this harrowing lack of self-love: " Everything/everyone is more important than myself ". In our practice we often meet women who – even if they do so from the bottom of their heart – efface themselves for their children. Luckily most mothers start to realise that more time and attention for themselves will make them feel a lot better, which eventually benefits the whole family. Men or fathers who have difficulties expressing their emotions – and there are too many, despite this new-man trend – will show more easily and spontaneously what’s eating them, rather than getting angry or closing off or turning their back on discussions. Children who are victim to bullying at school or adolescents who struggle with their sexual orientation… it causes damages to their still fragile personality and consequently obstructions in the aura as well and later on psychosomatic problems. It is our goal to impart children and adolescents that true power does not come through toughness but tenability: stick up for yourself in love.


The years’ long experience in our work with blockages in the aura and the related disorders in people’s health have made it self-evident for us to promote the following vitally important and health improving philosophy: " I am important and I want to feel good ". This helps men, women, children – at their own pace obviously – and adolescents who visit us to gradually decrease the emotional lumber in their aura. It remains essential however that people respect the fact that others also want or have to play the lead role in their own lives. The idea is not to adopt the most important role in someone else’s life – something this someone will occasionally allow in the name of love – otherwise he or she is condemned to life-long rendering of service or dependency. On a daily basis we meet people who play a minor role in their own lives and who have never learned to listen to that little rebelling voice inside, often with underlying emotional stress as a result. Many people cling to irreversible events ( e.g. accepting the death of a loved one ) they cannot reverse by definition but constantly rebelling this fact creates a large amount of tension. On the other hand they often do not have the courage to tackle these things they should or could alter ( e.g. ending a destructive relationship ), resulting in… more stress and blockages.

In our weekly treatments we can remove this ( stress = ) negative energy from people’s aura and by means of conversation and energy we can help their ( aura = ) energy field become stronger and more beautiful ( this translates into a remarkably more powerful personality and a better judgement on drawing the line as far as others are concerned ).
Of course our best results stem from a combination of our and also their efforts. However a minority of people who come to see us refuses to make any effort whatsoever to become more emotionally tenable ( " I am and will always be a victim " ) and leave all the work to us and to our therapy. Naturally our treatment will then be nothing but a waste of time, effort and energy. We can never efficiently remove enough blockages from someone’s aura if the person in question manages to produce new emotional stress in no time at all. It is not easy for some to ( want to ) feel good and be healthy, to stick up for themselves or to let go of old pains, … And of course it takes time and patience, as long as the willingness is there, we will get there.

In " La Solution Interieure : Vers une nouvelle médecine du corps et de l'esprit " ( the English translation " The Solution Lies Within " will be out in June 2010 ) in which the Belgian surgeon and psychotherapist Thierry Janssen  pleads for a subtle harmony between reason and emotion we read:


" When a patient is aware of his own precautionary and healing power he holds some form of power over his disease and can sustain some kind of autonomy towards the care-givers of his disease. This is important. Both with regard to traditional medicine and alternative and complementary methods of treatment there is a chance that a dependency develops between the patient and the care-giver. ”



The control mechanisms of the mind

In matters of the heart however, the mind plays tricks on us like no other. Our mind and lower ego get along tremendously, and together they try to safely, reliably and controllably ( read: rationally ) curb unwanted emotion. Our Higher Self and the spiritual energy field that form our aura are not fooled by the control mechanisms of the mind but because of this the aura of so many people is filled with stress brought about by a conflict between their heart and reason. Emotion is not necessarily more important than reason. No, both are part of being human. What is important is to strike that harmony between these two superpowers in our lives, relationships, in our daily grind. How? In rational matters use reason ( and often also your intuition ) and in emotional matters dare to judge your own and other people’s feelings objectively and adhere to them. In the complexity of human relations our feelings, expression and actions should be more aligned. Often people will forsake their own feelings or individuality dreading criticism or rejection from others. Every time a loud and clear NO resounds, but people do not have the courage to stick up for themselves in love, they forsake themselves. Only those who have worked on a healthy self-awareness and a feeling of wellbeing, will find they are less and less subject to destructive emotions.



“Thoughts are energy”

At our practice we find that disturbing thoughts and emotional blockages cause negative vibrations that settle in the aura first and then cause disorders in the physical body in all sorts of sensitive places ( e.g. the stomach is susceptible to nervousness, “ I can't stomach that ” will initially project on the energy field around the stomach to then undermine the functioning of the stomach itself ).
This blockage can also occur in more symbolic places. In Asian medicine the liver is the organ of worry: the Flemish idiom " something weighs on my liver " is more than a mere expression.

Furthermore people who suffer constant pain have a natural tendency to curse the pain spots in their body: those wretched – i.e. painful - knees of mine. The energy law applies in all of these circumstances: thoughts are energy. What does this imply? The aura takes all strong imprecation to be real. Around e.g. the head ( something on your mind or the feeling you get things thrown at your head ) a sense of pressure emerges which subsequently leads to an uncomfortable feeling or headache.
We should never link our problems and negative emotions with our body or health. The Dutch language ( especially Flemish lingo ) contains dozens of supposedly innocent idioms that are clearly far less innocent than one might think.
To say or think or hang onto " I’m fed up with, I'm sick and tired of...  " ( in Dutch expressions it is associated with the throat  ) that will gradually cause irritable tension in the aura around the throat. Everyone is familiar with the concept psychosomatic disorders: these occur because the mind projects on the body. Tension mounting anywhere in the aura is initially converted into ( energy ) obstructions that feel uncomfortable but can eventually lead to all sorts of ( serious ) physical diseases. Just think of the link between life-long heartache and some cases of heart failure or rupture of the coronary artery.
Of course we do not claim all ailments start out this way but the link between body and mind is still highly underestimated when researching and treating certain diseases. The field of traditional medicine has been split into various specialities while body and mind are not that easily confined to pigeonholes. The whole ( of a human being and its body and mind ) equals a lot more than the sum of its parts. The fact that a great number of diseases can have a far deeper ( spiritual ) cause rather than being a plain and simple technical fault and breakdown of the functioning of the body is often ignored. Undigested emotions ( especially feelings of sorrow, impotence, despair, anger, guilt and fear ) can for instance completely disturb or paralyse one’s digestion or immune system. Consequently, many therapies are nothing more than a waste of time and effort. How come? Only the consequences are being dealt with and a psychologist or psychiatrist is called in to tackle the cause. The advantage of holistic medicine ( man is seen as a whole and consequently every treatment is considered a treatment of the whole being ) is that people are being made aware they are heart, soul, mind and body rolled into one. Every sick patient and every therapist involved should consult the intelligence of the mind and wisdom of the heart. With diseases such as cancer or with some autoimmune disorders one crucial question remains: why does our intelligent body derail and does it turn against its own defence system? What is so powerful that it can cause such tremendous damage to the body? Surely physical, hereditary and/or environmental factors ( e.g. Tsjernobyl ) do play an important role but quite often it relates to an emotional life that has been disturbed for years ( this is of course not the case when a child develops cancer ).
As long as biologists, medical scientists and some therapists keep defending the strictly materialistic vision that our emotions are controlled solely from the brain and are no more than a result of ( good or bad ) functioning of a bunch of hormones, ... it will be impossible to correctly judge the impact of emotional obstructions on our physical health.
A person’s aura is their spiritual body, their emotional body comprising all positive and negative ( emotional ) experiences. And the physical body listens continuously and without hesitation to the impulses coming from the spiritual body, the aura. In the ancient saying " a healthy mind in a healthy body " the word mind refers to a lot more than just the brain or thoughts of a human being. Aiming for a beautiful, powerful aura we should be careful in keeping our thoughts and emotions pure. Positive thinking and positive feeling lead to a beautiful aura … and therefore one has a better chance at attaining good health.


Practical experience: In our practice we sometimes hear people cry out: " It’s killing me ". It is not unthinkable that this could actually happen sooner or later. Also the expression " to be pissed off " is not just some hollow word play. In our practice we often meet people whose emotions are so obstructed ( i.e. connection bladder and kidneys to one’s emotions ) that they have to be hospitalised because they have difficulty urinating. A medical examination will prove the complaint is real ( insufferable pain ) but the cause is unknown. As a matter of fact it is still not ( yet ) possible to measure emotional obstructions in the aura, however the consequences are. Once discharged most of these people find that – despite the painkillers – the problems still linger. How come? The negative energies in the aura are still there. The physical complaints will not cease, until we remove the blockages from someone’s aura. Medical science does not accept what happens for instance with people who associate their daily grief with their genitals. “ I’m screwed ”, is a frequently used expression – but often becomes a literal reality. 

In our practice we heard Gerard ( age 67 ) tell us explicitly about his nightly hospital visit – because of extreme pains… in his genitals – and how even morphine was incapable of stopping the pain. Even after a scan the physicians were still guessing at what could be causing him this extreme pain. And why a powerful drug like morphine could not tackle the pain was an even bigger mystery. This is not so strange as it demonstrates just how strong the impact of emotional stress on the physical body can be.

Most people will gradually build these emotional obstructions in their aura over and over causing the script of mysterious pains to replay time and time again: sometimes their stomach will hurt, sometimes their throat ( be fed up ) or they have a persistent feeling of having a lump in their throat ( bottle things up ), other times their back will ache ( be stabbed in the back ) or their intestines ( I’ve had enough ) or their digestive system ( I’m sick of it, it’s making me sick ) will play up, or their joints will ache ( I can feel it in my bones )… and each time the physician’s diagnosis will be: cause unknown. Generally people know better – consciously or not – but they don’t like it when their body is revealing what they have been trying to conceal desperately all their lives for themselves and for others.


Regularly cleaning up both our ( often ) negative thoughts and feelings is not a needless exercise. Otherwise our mind and aura tend to become a toxic swamp of destructive energies that will gradually eat away at our good health. Chronic negativity ( sadness, anger, guilt, etc. ) in thoughts and feelings leads to negative energies in the aura and chronic ailments, which will not affect just you but also your loved ones or colleagues who are subject to your constant negativity. Some people have become so sour ( think of the word 'sourpuss' ) or grudge bearing their aura becomes a toxic field swallowing all who come close. Again this is not measurable but it is noticeable and sometimes even tangible: these people are being avoided … like the plague because the tension is mounting.
Luckily lots of people have such sincere loving charisma and, even though this cannot be measured either, they seem to be a beacon ( transmitting light and warmth ) to others. Have a positive or negative aura? The choice is ours …

As the Russian scientist, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, wishes us so beautifully on his web site: " I wish you health, success in creation and let your Aura glow. " 


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