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First a little ( classical ) explanation: " Diabetes Mellitus is a disorder in which blood sugar ( glucose ) levels are abnormally high because the body does not produce enough insulin or because body cells do not properly respond to the insulin that is produced. The complications of diabetes include heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, peripheral vascular disease, and other serious disorders. "   

Type-1 diabetes: insulin-dependent diabetes ( the pancreas does not produce any or enough insulin )
Type-2 diabetes: non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus ( the body develops immunity to the effects of insulin resulting in a shortage of insulin ) 


" People with diabetes may experience many serious, long-term complications. High sugar levels cause narrowing of both the small and large blood vessels. (...) Poor control of blood sugar levels also tends to cause the levels of fatty substances in the blood to rise, resulting in atherosclerosis and decreased blood flow in the larger blood vessels. (...) Over time, elevated levels of sugar in the blood and poor circulation can harm the heart, brain, legs, eyes, kidneys, nerves, and skin, resulting in angina, heart failure, strokes, leg cramps on walking (claudication), poor vision, renal failure, damage to nerves ( neuropathy ), and skin breakdown. Heart attacks and strokes are more common in people with diabetes." ( " The Merck Manual of Medicine " - Second Home Edition ( Bohn Stafleu van Loghum )

These elaborate descriptions show how complex and difficult-to-treat diabetes is and how useful it is to complement classical therapies with alternative treatment. Physicians and complementary therapists could join forces to limit or diminish the damage in a diabetic’s body for as long as possible.


Practical experience: Of course we cannot cure diabetes. However, the energy we pass on stimulates the pancreas resulting in an important and noticeable improvement in the functioning of this gland. This is proven by the test results from a specialist that show a patient gradually gets by with fewer insulin injections. Furthermore, the energy we pass on more or less succeeds both in improving the general health of a diabetic as well as in dealing with or putting off for as long as possible the serious complications of the disease ( problems with eyes, veins, legs, kidneys, … ).
We warn patients they should not try to fool us or their body or their specialist: since our therapy ensures tests show ever better results with regard to their general health, some diabetics will gladly misuse this knowledge to fall back into old nutritional habits ( the physician won’t notice since these tests are considerably better than they ever were before our treatment started ). They forget the energy and their body are far too intelligent to tolerate this for too long. Their health first and foremost remains their own responsibility. We no longer allow for diabetics to tell us on their first visit: " Look, I do not intend to change anything about my lifestyle or eating habits, the energy you supply will limit any damage, that is after all what I pay you for ". Such comments demonstrate a complete lack of respect towards their own body, the work of their ( many ) therapists, the laws of health and not in the least for the laws of the intelligent energy we pass on through the laying on of hands.


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