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chronic pain treatment

You do not have to learn to live with chronic pain.

What does  "Merck Manual of Medicine " - Second Home Edition say about pain:

" Pain may be sharp or dull, intermittent or constant, or throbbing or steady. Sometimes pain is very difficult to describe. Pain may be felt at a single site or over a large area. The intensity of pain can vary from minor to intolerable. "


Not only is learning to live with pain often an impossible task, with a lot of diseases it often implies unnecessary suffering since improvement IS possible. Every physician and patient knows pain is a signal the intelligent body sends to warn us about disturbances in our health. It is a pity many people show no interest in what causes pain ( " I don’t care how, as long as I get rid of it " ) and certainly not in their general state of health ( " as long as it doesn’t bother me " ). Others just expect their body to go along with their awfully stressful and sometimes even life-threatening way of life. When their health fails temporarily or indefinitely, those very same people are often outraged and frustrated: " My body has let me down ". Our reaction is usually: " Yes, after you ignored its signals for years on end, your body has now partially or completely collapsed ". Of course not all chronic disorders are the same. Some people have been taking tremendous care of their body their entire life.

Being in constant pain ( often both day and night ) is something no one can bear for too long. We do not oppose sensible (!) use of ( classical or alternative ) painkillers, under strict supervision of a physician of course. Still, we find that way too many people depend on heavy painkillers for too long, and that ever increasing doses are very taxing on the body’s organs ( stomach, liver, bowels and kidneys, …). When it comes time to cut down on these addictive painkillers, physicians AND most patients believe there’s no other alternative besides “ learning to live with it ” – but that’s not a good option either. But physicians don’t offer their patients an efficient alternative because: " they have to learn to live with it ".


Practical experience: At our practice we daily meet people who have tried every form of traditional and alternative therapy under the sun before they come to us with their chronic pain(s) or complaints. Often enough we will – however slowly – attain results where other therapies failed to do so. However, too many people waste too many years of their life before taking on the cause of their chronic ailment and living a ( partially ) pain free life. The goal of our vibrational therapy is to tackle the underlying source of serious health problems IN TIME, making pain partially or completely subside. Result: after a period of time people depend less or no longer on painkillers and can – in agreement with their physician – gradually decrease doses or stop taking them altogether.


Our therapy can ease the pain or fasten the slow recovery process after brain injury, spinal cord injury, nerve damage, or any accident-related injury. Additionally, our therapy also relieves pain in patients who suffer from life-threatening diseases, such as cancer. The energy we pass on to cancer patients, helps support their body in its fight against this ravaging disease. Again we are not talking about curing the disease but about the clearly noticeable ease of physical pain accompanying the disease. Last but not least, our therapy can also help patients with lung cancer or emphysema breathe easier.  

The huge challenge of living in a sick body leaves most people no choice. Being ill costs a lot of money, time, and energy. In addition to having financial difficulties – due to extremely expensive medical bills – these people often face relationship and social issues as well. Fortunately, a great deal of people who are chronically ill or suffering from chronic pain are lovingly looked after and supported by their family, friends, and/or social services without which they would end up in complete social isolation.


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