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allergies, asthma, eczema

First the theory: Allergies, Asthma and Eczema are all related.

" Recent studies show a quarter of the population suffers from allergies. " ( taken from De Standaard April 2009 )


In the " Medical Manual of Medicine " ( Second Home Edition ) we can – in a brief account – read the following:

The last few years allergies have become much more common among people. The symptoms vary from itching, watery eyes, sneezing, chronic blocked or running nose, chronic sinusitis, etc. Some people’s immune system reacts excessively strong to certain substances harmless to others. When they are repeatedly confronted with one or more of these substances, a chain reaction sets off irritating or damaging tissues. These can be minor or severe reactions. Best known allergies are the seasonal allergies ( hay fever caused by pollens of trees, grass, weeds: in fact the name is chosen incorrectly as the allergy appears from early spring to late fall and there is never any fever ) and the non-seasonal allergies ( exposed to substances found in the air, like household dust or glycyphagus, mould, animal skin flakes, … ). Furthermore chemical allergic reactions ( to drugs, metal, chemical products, … ) can be a nuisance. Many patients suffering from non-seasonal allergies also have asthma. Important to mention are also: food  intolerance ( the immune system is out of the picture here: e.g. some people are short of an enzyme needed to digest milk sugar ( lactose ) and the food allergies ( allergic reaction to e.g. peanuts, crustaceans, dairy products, cereals, eggs, …). Food allergies are a burden to a.o. the stomach, the liver and the intestines, and affect both the body’s immune and detoxifying system. The fact that more and more people suffer from allergies is due to not just our heavily polluted environment in which we live ( smoke, ozone, and small dust particles ) but also to our diets, unhealthy in more way than one ( junk food, excessive sugar intake accompanied by the use of preservatives, colorants, additives, … messing with hormones ), and to our unhealthy ways of life ( smoking, drinking …). One cannot deny ‘ allergies are the consequence of a bad shape the body is in, because of chemical food ’, as Muramoto writes in " Health with a big H ".


Allergies can also spark off asthma attacks, which vary in frequency and seriousness. 50% of asthma patients suffer from allergic asthma. Asthma is a chronic inflammation disease that inflames the airways. Due to respiratory infections there is short of breath, squeaking breath, lack of oxygen or a constant cough. Traditional medication helps to prevent or treat attacks. The number of children suffering from asthma has increased ( 10% of the children is asthmatic ).


Eczema is an inflammation of the outer layers of the skin causing itching, blistering, redness, swelling and often also oozing, crusting and flaking. It is a group name for all kinds of ailments resulting in red, itching rash. Eczema is always a reaction of the skin to serious dryness, scratching, or an irritating or allergen substance. With all forms of eczema, continuous scratching and rubbing can eventually thicken or harden the skin. Through cuts and blisters, every form of chronic eczema can lead to bacterial infection of the skin. We differentiate contact eczema: itching and rash are caused by direct contact with a certain material ( chemical product, metal, plants, rubber, antibiotics and perfume ) that irritates or causes an allergic reaction; there are thousands of materials that can cause allergic eczema through direct contact ( e.g. latex, which nurses deal with professionally on a daily bases and sometimes experience allergic reactions to ), and constitutional ( atopic ) eczema: hereditary tendency for allergies resulting in a chronic itching rash, not caused by an allergic reaction to a known substance. We often find that with people who suffer from constitutional eczema, asthmatic bronchitis and hay fever run in the family as well. Out of all children suffering from constitutional eczema 30 to 50% develops asthma or hay fever at a later age. It may be the case that someone suffers from eczema at one point, and from asthma or hay fever at other times. All sorts of circumstances can worsen constitutional eczema, such as stress, change in temperature or humidity, bacterial skin infection and contact with irritating clothing. In young children a food allergy can lead to developing constitutional eczema.


Why are all these related to each other?


" Eczema has an allergic feature: sensitivity towards certain types of food or to certain products. With asthma, the narrowing of the bronchi can be caused by a number of impulses but sensitivity to a substance arousing allergies ( allergen ) is the most common one." ( taken from " The Royal Society of Medicine Encyclopedia of Family Health " by Dr. Robert Youngson, 1995)

At our practice we find that with people who suffer from all these ailments, the organs responsible for a good metabolism sometimes do not function the way they should. Furthermore their immune system is affected by a.o. climate change, better home insulation, more hygiene, pollution and increased use of antibiotics.


Secondly, in (our) practice:

At our practice we focus on the one hand on stimulating the organs responsible for a better metabolism and on the other hand on stimulating the immune system ( a.o. spleen, thymus, bowels, … ). Since none of us can avoid taking in toxic substances and/or allergens every day, the body’s detoxifying process needs to work harder than it does with most people. The liver is the main organ serving this purpose, but also the kidneys and surely the bowels need to receive healing energy, because these organs tend to fail or only do half a job when suffering from these ailments. It’s a matter of tackling the problem from the inside of the body and that requires time and patience. We don’t practise symptom treatment, which is logical because that way nothing would actually improve in the functioning of the body. The energy tackles the complex and chronic problems at the root cause. And our efforts pay off: less or no more itching or rash, less irritation, less swollen eyes or chronic inflammation in the airways.


Practical experience: On her first visit a 57-year old lady named Maria shows us a five- page list of food she should ‘avoid at all cost’. Classical therapies have hardly achieved anything and she is fed up with tiresomely trying to be inventive in the kitchen and dishing up a menu not containing any of the ingredients hostile to her. Food intolerance and food allergies make her suffer from migraine and fiercely spark off allergic reactions to a number of nutrients. The scope of our treatment is to make sure eventually she no longer needs to adjust her menu to the ‘flaws and grills’ of her body but rather that her body’s digestive organs and detoxifying system function properly. Still we find certain sensitivities towards food are specific to each individual and depend on the season so they cannot be eliminated the full 100%. But Maria's health has become much better and her life has become much more enjoyable thanks to our therapy; eating has become a normal and tasteful experience again and going out to a restaurant with friends is no longer wishful thinking.

Before 68-year old Gerard came to see us, he had already passed all classical medical tests trying to identify the culprits for his allergies, his digestive problems and his chronic constipation. His specialist was especially firm in: " don't ever eat bananas ", but in fact - together with cooked fish and vegetables - that was about the only thing he could still eat.
After about three months of our therapy he was able to eat just about anything he had been denied for years and his bowels gradually started working like normal again: the use of ( a series of ) laxatives became completely unnecessary.

When we first saw 5-year old Steven we were struck by the way he was covered ( almost literally ) from head to toe with eczema. His parents complained their son had suffered from this severe rash ( thick crusts and inflamed skin ) from birth and the child had been taking heavy medication ( almost non-stop cortisone and ointments ) for years. Obviously it had become a daily ritual for the child to scratch himself everywhere all the time. After a few weeks of therapy the parents stayed away from our practice … which was rather strange since the results were quiet stunning. When back home, after one of the first sessions, little Steven had confessed to his father the treatment ‘felt good’ ( he often fell asleep – which is quiet unusual for a child suffering from constant itching – during each session ). After a while the parents spontaneously decided to book another appointment. Why they stayed away? The eczema had disappeared for a long time but reappeared after quitting the therapy. Old ailments had clearly taken over Steven’s body as before and only then did they realize the treatment was not completely finished. People don’t always understand that when a child’s health is flawed in the most elementary body functions, then the child’s body has to be gradually prompted to improve these functions. And this requires time and patience. We cannot work magic. The energy we pass on, tackles the problem from inside out and that quickly becomes visible on the outside as well. Only when the body starts functioning properly will toxic and waste substances no longer be dumped via the emergency exit, which the skin has become ( resulting in eczema ). A more efficient detoxifying working of the liver, intestines and kidneys will discharge ‘dirt’ in a natural way through urine, stool and sweat, which is how it should be. When our therapy gets the body ready for action, for the first time where children are concerned ( though this happens rather quickly and easily because a child is still growing ) and in a rejuvenating and improved manner where adults are concerned, their health will make fresh start in optimal conditions. Result: a healthier body in a healthier skin.


In classical medicine the physician first determines which substances evoke the allergic reactions to then discuss with the patient to what extent being exposed to these ‘allergens’ can be prevented or avoided ( in practice often an almost impossible task ). Conventional medication most used to ease the symptoms of the allergies, have nasty side effects such as sleepiness, a dry mouth, constipation, … Most people who come and see us, tell us they no longer endure the side effects and they are looking for a natural approach to deal with the complaints their own or their children’s allergies bring about. 

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