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We are Pierre and Griet Vreysen - Hutsebaut and we run our own fulltime practice as paranormal healers in Flanders, Belgium. Pierre started this fascinating learning process 30 years ago, and ever since our understanding of man ( ‘s health ) is broadened and refined on a daily basis. We practise one of the oldest natural therapies applied worldwide: providing energy by the laying on of hands. The energy we provide helps the body to function ever more and better, the way it actually should. Our therapy is not a miracle cure, although its results are considered wonder-ful or even miraculous by a lot of patients. Our gift of healing is neither unnatural nor supernatural, but completely in accordance with the laws of nature. It is a highly valuable addition to conventional and other complementary medical treatments. 

E.g.  Our treatment will not turn someone’s poor and troubled back into a completely new back. The energy causes – rather quickly in some cases, relatively slow but surely in others - a layer of fluid to develop between the vertebrae ( there where the intervertebral discs are damaged or worn ), preventing them to rub against each other ( no more pain ), and this will stop further wear ( = no more further damage ). The energy we transfer, stimulates the self-healing power of the intelligent body. 


Good health is a combined action on the one hand of the impact caused by our energy and efforts as a therapist, and the patients’ strong willingness to share the responsibility of their health ( both the physical and psychological - emotional aspect ) on the other.   

In the book “ La solution intérieure; vers une nouvelle médicine du corps et de l'esprit " - the English translation, " The Solution Lies Within ", will be out in June 2010 - by the Belgian surgeon and psychotherapist Dr. Thierry Janssen we can read: 

“ Each individual disposes of great precautionary and healing power. In itself a brand new discovery. Intuitively lots of people already make use of this inner power.(…) Numerous ill people prefer to play victim believing they are powerless, without proper means and condemned to suffering. They are convinced their problems can only be solved by external forces. ”


Dr. Barbara Brennan ( world-renowned spiritual leader and healer, a pioneer and innovator in the field of energy consciousness, the former NASA physicist has been researching and exploring the Human Energy Field and realms of human consciousness for more than 30 years ) says the following about healing ( see her website ): " The healer's main focus is holistic - to help patients create health in all areas of life. They do this by clearing and balancing the patient's energy field, by working to align his or her intent to heal, and by helping him or her connect to the deeper core of his or her being, creative force, and core consciousness."


What is paranormal healing?


This form of natural healing has existed for centuries and is part of what is referred to as vibrational medicine ( alongside e.g. homoeopathy, acupuncture, … ). In our practice this form of energy healing is applied through the laying on of hands. The energies that healers work with are subtle energies perceptible as waves or radiation absorbed by someone’s aura and physical body, usually experienced as a delightful warm glow or relaxing feeling. Increasingly, this therapy is called medicine of the future, not because traditional medicine will disappear at some point, but because energy medicine will be acknowledged ever more to be a complete and equal partner.

Just think of what the American internist Dr. Richard Gerber writes about this in his most interesting book Vibrational medicine: new choices for healing ourselves ”: 

" When vibrational healing methods have progressed to the point that they can repeatedely and consistently offer therapeutic options that drugs and surgery cannot provide, then we will begin to see that greater shift away from standard methods of practice. "  


Still, we do not oppose classical therapies. As energy therapists we have been striving to collaborate with conventional therapists for years. For most alternative healers it is a fundamental fact that therapies can perfectly complement each other. Our therapy is complementary, i.e. it is an additional therapy. We do not support the principle: EITHER one receives a classical treatment, OR one receives an alternative treatment. We advocate moreover the AND … AND - principle: besides traditional treatments there are alternative ones. Only collaboration between traditional and complementary treatments increases the chances of good health, a right everyone is entitled to.


“ There is no such thing ” … “ capitulation of ignorance ”


Recognition of ( the effectiveness of ) alternative treatments is non-existent in Belgium, and there is hardly any collaboration between traditional and alternative treatments ( and if so it is denied ) due to ( so the story goes ): “ the lack of scientific proof with regard to the effectiveness of complementary therapies ”. This urges the following critical observation: either the extensive international research results with regard to alternative therapies ( yes, including paranormal therapies, e.g. the scientific research concerning the work of Dutch healer Gerard Croiset and English healer Matthew Manning ) are generally accepted, or new funds have to be released in Belgium to scientifically examine the effects of ALL complementary treatments, subsequently to be officially recognized.

The lack of thorough research, training, and supervision in this country has created a rampant growth of healing centres encouraging more and more people to endeavour in alternative practices in which they are not or insufficiently qualified. We are aware that the good name of paranormal healing ( ‘ vibrational medicine ’ as it is referred to in the US sounds a lot less negative ) is tarnished also by the vast amount of sham practices. Competent healers often share the blow caused by the controversy induced by the practices and statements of a number of overconfident and utterly incompetent healers. Furthermore, doubts have arisen ( fuelled by the numerous turbo courses taught by ‘ healers ’ lacking healing skills or any experience ) concerning the following conviction that - unfortunately - many people share: " everyone can develop this inherent gift of healing ( which indeed it is ) to a qualitatively high enough level ( which is incorrect ) ". People forget that the power of the energy healers work with and the insights in illness and health cannot be developed in a few years time. It takes more than course material and the desire to become a good healer. It also takes ( usually slowly progressive ) spiritual growth: the " healer's channel " ( a channel of energy ) through which the energy flows has to be strengthened and cleansed gradually.

This negative image is not solely attributed to the incompetence or self-overrating of some energy therapists but also to the prejudices and unwillingness of some conventional scientists and/or physicians, as they refuse to show interest in or do research into alternative methods of diagnosis and healing.

- " All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." ( A. Schopenhauer, German philosopher )
- “ One can easily understand that current generally accepted science rather limits itself to just these questions which do not bring materialism under discussion.”( ... ) " But the most deeply puzzling question - whether that vast panoply of phenomena encompassed by the word mind can actually arise from nothing but the brain - is not, in the view of most researchers, a legitimate subject for scientific inquiry. Call is the triumph of materialism." (...) " Materialism, it seems fair to say, has neuroscience in a choke-hold and has had it there since the nineteenth century." 
( Jeffrey Schwartz, American neuro- psychiatrist )
- In 1897 Frederik Van Eeden,
Dutch psychiatrist and writer, already wrote: “ Personally I am more than ever convinced that the largest enemy of scientific progress is to reject and to refuse to study beforehand and out of prejudice seeming incomprehensible, strange and unknown facts ” 

- “ As opposed to the serendipity ( coincidentally something beyond the scope of study ) of unintended findings there is the negative serendipity of missed opportunities, that is findings which are not acknowledged as such by the finder or by others. Reason being that it is very hard to value special findings with regard to art, philosophy, science and technology precisely at the time of discovery. Great mistakes are made here, also by those qualified in the subject. (…) A.o. Max Planck ( physicist and founder of the Quantum theory who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1918 ) had the courage to write that before new ideas can bloom an older generation of scientists has to die out.” ( taken from ‘Alle mensen heten Janus’ by the Dutch philosopher and chemist André Klukhuhn )

Following are a couple of quotes with regard to ‘ the unproven ’ or ‘ alternative treatments ’ and the existence of scientific proof by top scientists – why do we only find them abroad?  


- " So although the machinists in medicine are openly scornful of alternative practices, alternative medicine is gaining in popularity. Unfortunately, this only aggravates the reaction of the conventional allopathic practitioners. Before, allopaths could afford benign neglect. But now, as their bread and butter is threatened, for many of them it is all-out war against alternative medicine. " ( Indian physicist Amit Goswami, professor theoretic atomic physics until his retirement )
- " Dr. Amit Goswami as usual has the most brilliant insights into how consciousness conceives, governs, constructs, and becomes biology. As we move into the new millennium, Dr. Goswami's " The Quantum Doctor " will serve as guiding post to a consciousness-
based medicine that will see healing as biological creativity and completely change the way we view health and disease."
( Deepak Chora, Indian endocrinologist and ayurvedic physician )
-  " If we could finally work out the science of medicine that treats human energy levels and the exact nature of the "energy" that was being treated, the possibilities for improved health were unimaginable. These were also discoveries * which scientifically verified the ancient wisdom and folklore of traditional cultures. " ( Lynne McTaggart, American science journalist, taken from " The Field " )

( * namely the experiments with regard to alternative medicine which have been empirically proven to work )


30 years of experience treating following disorders and diseases: 


Abdominal pain

Acid reflux

Adrenal gland disorder


Amnesia ( Memory loss )

Anaemia ( red blood cell deficiency ) 


Angina pectoris





Atopic eczema

Atrial fibrillation

Autoimmune disorder



Bechterew disease


Bile problems

Bladder infection

Bladder problems

Blood circulation problems

Blood disorders

Blood pressure problems

Bourneville-Pringle disease

Brain damage

Brain haemorrhage

Brain injury ( problems after )

Breathing problems

Bursa infection ( Bursitis )


Cardiac abnormality

Cardiac arrhythmia

Cardiac murmurs

Cardiac muscle ( problems with )

Cardiac valves ( problems with )

Cardiac weakness

Cardiovascular problems

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Cerebrovascular disease

Cervical insufficiency

Children’s diseases

Cholesterol problems

Chronic bronchitis

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic intestine disorder

Chronic lung disease

Chronic pain


Coagulation of the blood ( problems with )

Coeliac disease

Colitis Ulcerosa


Convalescence problems

Crohn’s disease

Cystic fibrosis


Developmental disorders


Digestion problems

Disturbance of equilibrium


Dry eyes

Duchenne’s disease




Endocrine diseases



Erection problems

Excessive sweating

Eye disease


Facial pain

Fibrillation ( Atrial )


Fluid on the knee

Fluid retention

Food allergy


Frozen shoulder





Grand mal

Growing pains

Growth disorder




Handicaps in children

Hay fever


Hearing disorder

Heart failure

Heart infarct

Heart infection

Heart palpitations

Hepatitis ( consequences of )

Hereditary diseases


Hip arthritis ( osteoarthritis )


Hormone imbalance






Immune system diseases



Infection of the bronchi

Infective conjunctivitis of the eye


Inflammatory diseases

Intervertebral discs ( problems with )





Joint problems


Kidney disorder

Kidney insufficiency

Kidney transplantation ( while waiting for a - )

Knee problems



Liver disease

Liver failure

Loss of voice

Low blood pressure

Lung disease

Lung insufficiency




Memory and concentration problems

Ménière’s disease

Metabolic disorder


Mitral insufficiency

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscular dystrophy ( e.g. Duchenne\\\'s disease )

Muscle injuries



Neck pain

Neuralgia ( trigeminal )


Neurodegenerative diseases

Neuromuscular disorders ( muscle disorder ) 



Occupational disease




Pancreas disease


Parathyroid problems

Parkinson’s disease

Pelvic floor dysfunction

Petit mal

Phantom pains


Polyp problems

Pregnancy problems

Pre-menstrual tension

Problems with bladder muscles

Problems with the central nervous system

Prolapsed uterus

Prostate problems

Pulmonary oedema



Restless legs

Retinal defects


Rheumatoid arthritis



Shortness of breath


Skin disorder

Sleeping problems

Spastic colon

Sphincter problems

Stiff shoulders

Stomach ache

Stroke ( complaints after )


( blocked ) Tear ducts

Tendon infection

Tennis elbow ( problems with )

Thyroid gland problems


Transient Ischemic Attack ( TIA ) ( complaints before )

Transplantation ( preparing for )


Tuberous sclerosis of the brain


Urinary incontinence 

Urine infection ( chronic )

Uric acid


Varicose veins

Vascular disease

Vein disorders

Vocal cord problems

Voice problems


Weakened eyesight


Winter hands and feet


Disclaimer: Paranormal healing is a complementary therapy. The information on this website is purely informative and is not intended as a substitute for medical counselling.






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